Made in the USA, except for the treads.


My favorite military tank finally in printable form for home defense. The best part of this tank is how much fun it is to spin the turret. The worst part are the treads.

I printed with a Bambu P1P, 0.2, Polymaker PLA blue.

So lets talk treads, this is on one hand such a cool detail to have, while on the other hand it is disappointing that it doesnt seem usable. Most of the wheels are really there to guide the tracks, but the first and last seem to be key in terms of actual movement of the tracks. Some of the issues I ran into with the treads are:
The tread can't grip so it just glides vs rotates. I wish they had added something that can grip better on the treads so that it could better grab the carpet and with the friction, rotate. For mine it basically just glides across the carpet.
Because the treads can't really grip, the two wheels at the ends which really drive the treads dont rotate much. I tried TPU and PLA, I also tried oiling and sanding, but to no avail.
I also had problems with the wheels constantly popping out, but this was worse with TPU vs PLA.
The tread armor clips onto the side, its a bit flimsy and can be easily knocked off with any play. I ended up super gluing mine onto the side.

There are a number of variants of this tank in real life. I hope that fab365 will release some different accessories/turrets in the future for this tank.

Even with the tread issues, I still would recommend this model. It looks great in real life, its a ton of fun to play with and the parts are split up enough that you can have some really fun color combinations if you wanted.

Why is it blue?!? Because my kid wanted it blue :p

blue tank cannon bang
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  • fab365

    Your home is now safe with this mean machine! The treads are tricky and is the point where most of our users had few trouble with. We hope you over came the problem well. And the blue filament is great!Thank you for sharing your print with us. We will add 1 point to your account.