Caterpillar Excavator 150%


Excavator in Caterpillar logo theme. I used meshmixer to plane slice about 3mm off the sides and the back. I converted a CAT logo .png to .svg and used Fusion to extrude the letters, diamond and the stripe. I then used Blender to create separate .stl files for the different colors on the logo meshed into the sides and back. The hydraulic power unit and hoses on the main body were painted in Canvas. I used a Mosaic Palette 2S and Canvas to slice the main body. I used Prusa Slicer w/ P2PP to slice the sides with the embedded logos. All single-color parts were sliced in Prusa Slicer. Filament was IIID MAX PLA printed on a MK3S.

#excavator #caterpillar
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  • fab365

    Your multi-color printing skills are at a very high level.
    I am very surprised by your printing skills.
    Thank you for your print review and photos.
    We look forward to your prints and reviews in the future.