VW T1 Camper Van 100% and 200% Size


Alfawise U20 Plus Printer
Filament PLA Acccreate White
Filament PLA Acccreate Black
Filament PLA+ Sunlu Grey
Filament PLA ICE Blue
Filament PLA Esun Glow in the dark
0.4mm nozzle / 200 ° C (215°C for PLA +)
60 ° C bed
Layer 0.15mm
10% infill
Speed 40mm / s
Without support ❤

VAN Alfawise U20 Plus T1 VW CAMPER
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Comments 3

  • fab365

    We can't find the words to express our admiration for the incredible result you received! 😍😍The Camper Vans are exceptionally neat, even though you printed them out in different sizes at once. Thank you for leaving such a great review and sharing the setting you used in detail.

  • willow

    very cool !!!!


    Thanks :)