Drake Black

Hey guys!
So, i had many tryes. MANY... Since i had my first Ender 3 v2, im trying this, i guess i had a whole grey pool after all. Finally i managed to print it with P1P, sadly my settings are still not perfect, so i printed it party by part to prevent the fail of the whole print and waste more filament. I printed a small cross for it for extra, and at the engine part, i "burned" it a little bit with lighter, so it has a bit of "smoked" effect on it :D
Maybe im just too maximalist, but doesnt feel perfect, but thats what i managed to do :( I really need to figure out what to improve with my P1P settings, so if you see any problem, this is why :/
I like it anyway, nice model!

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  • 4051195234443

    Hello, mine is also P1P. Why is the track result I printed like this? Can you send me your slicing settings?

  • fab365

    In the end, you've made a great Tiger! Thank you for sharing your printing experience and photos.
    We'll give you 1 point for this review. Please post reviews of more models you build. :)