Awesome Warthog with some minor issues


Another great model from Fab365. It looks awesome and the 360 turret is a hit with my kid.
Ran into a couple issues, which I hope can be fixed in future versions.

I printed with Bambu P1P, 0.2, and Bambu Matte PLA.

I oringally printed the wheels in TPU, but I found that the wheels would fall off really easily because of the way the wheels mount onto the axle and the flexibility of the TPU. With PLA wheels it was mostly fine, I did have to oil them and grind them a little bit to have them rotate more smoothly and consistently on carpet.

Rotating Barrels:
While the idea of the rotating barrels sounds awesome. I found them to be annoying because it kept on coming out, ultimately I ended up super gluing the barrel into the mount.

Missing Side Pieces:
In my photos you will notice that there are some skirt pieces that are missing, they are uploaded now but were missing in the original release.

Overall I am happy with this model and my kid is having a blast playing with it and throwing it, just like what would happen in multiplayer Halo games :p

halo warthog green
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  • fab365

    We are sorry that you had to run in to some trouble. If there are any more issues please give us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are glad your child loved the model. Is he/she also a halo fan? Thank you for sharing your print with us. We will add 1 point to your account.