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I scaled down the complete model to 1:60 because I want to fit it to my Saturn V in 1:60 (by farscape).

Then I printed it with my Bambu X1 Carbon, the big parts with 0.4mm nozzle and the ascending module and the small parts with 0.2 nozzle in 0.10mm process. All parts in multicolor as needed to make it look more close to the original.

The prints worked fine, took a long time and the build/glue was perfect and easy.

I think I will glue the legs in folded together position to make the fit more easy to the Saturn V and more stable.

Good model with many scale details, much better than the model coming with Farscape's 1:60 model!

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  • fab365

    Thank you for sharing your awesome print and your feedback on the printing process. Other users will definitely benefit from your post! We will add 1 point to your account.