Movie accurate, easy to print, and even easier to assemble.


This was actually one of the easiest models I've ever printed. I do not think this is a big test for your printer at all. I printed on an Ender 3 Pro with glass bed, cheap Amazon PLA at 200C, and 0.12mm layer height. I played it safe and printed everything with a brim at 0.2mm away from the model. This means that the brim fell away nicely once off the bed (Almost everything I print I use this method though). No support setting are required to be enabled at all at any stage in the process. Every part slotted together perfectly at the end, no glue required except on the laser cannons.

The poseable nature of the rectenna, quad laser cannons, boarding ramp, and optional landing legs are a really cool touch.

The model is detailed and actually really movie accurate if you look closely. Considering the scale of the model this is quite an achievement.

I now have my own Millennium Falcon in my living room. Absolutely incredible, I highly recommend giving this print a go.

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