Boldly Go!


This build was a lot of fun! It took me back to the days when I must have built 7 or 8 of the AMT Enterprise kits. I printed on Prusa i3Mk3s. I printed with Inland White PLA. I hand painted it, and looked at the original prop for the specific markings. I did a lot of sanding to try and remove seams and had varied success. Painted in acrylic "cool white". I used varied Gundam paint pens for painting stripes and other various details.

Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Starfleet Captain Kirk Spock Bones Scotty Sulu Shatner Boldy Go
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Comments 2

  • jim1318

    That's bloody brilliant! I wish I had that kind of skill with the paint brush. My painting is limited to a spray can.

  • fab365

    Your work is always amazing!
    Thank you always.