F-22 Raptor, I like how it is designed.


I was excited when this model was announced and very happy when it was released! I printed it on Prusa Mk3's and used the standard pla profiles at 0.2 mm layer heights. Just like on the Dauntless it is very prudent to use a brim for the wings and flaps. When I set this up, I loaded up the print bed and did all of the wings and flaps in one go. Due to the quality of the filament I was using, I had a lot of stringing so you may not want to do that. I also did not have much success with the horizontal stabilizers using the pivot attachment so I ended up just gluing them in one position.
Aside from those issues, I am really happy about having this model. It looks sweet. I will be working on adjusting my settings and using a different filament to print another, this time with the landing gear configuration.
Having printed both the Dauntless and this model, I think that the F-22 would be a better first model than the SBD.

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  • fab365

    You are very happy, and I am very happy that I made this design.
    Your joyfully shared printing experience will be of great help to others.
    Thank you very much!!!