Another great model from Fab 365


This is my 5th fighter plane model from Fab365 and like always the detail and accuracy of the model was spot on. I am using an Ender3 S1 Pro with the sonic pad and my favorite printbed filaments. I am experimenting with klipper settings, and think I have come up with a descent FAB365 profile, I was able to cut print times, by over half in some case and the detail are still good. Small parts i found still need to be printed slower for now.

For example

Stand- 3 hours 54 minutes
Fuselage - 5 hours 45 minutes
Canopy 14 minutes
Exhaust Nozzle 13 minutes
Wings 2 hours 30 minutes

Keep up the great work!!!

F35 Lightning airplane fighter jet foldable sonicpad klipper
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  • fab365

    Thank you for sharing your printing experience and tips of this design. and thanks for you good comment too! :)
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