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Great build, I love WWII models! Lots of great details on this design, hats off to Fab365. I want to do an Odd Ball Sherman from Kelly's Heroes...Woof, woof, woof! Printed on Prusa i3mk3s, I used Inland Military Green PLA. Sanded thoroughly and painted in OD Green. I used Tamiya brown wash for panel lines and adding dirt. I also used ground earth tone pastels to apply more grit and wear. I added .50 and .30 caliber machine guns, which were 3D printed too. I added the logs depicted in the film by using old pencils. I printed up a German helmet, but I couldn't find a decent gas mask, so I decided to use a skull in it's place. Great design and fun print and build!

Fury Sherman Sherman Tank Tank WWII Tiger Tank M4A3E8
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  • frozen7412016

    How did you manage to turn the pallets? Do the pallets turn freely? I have only one pallet problem left. Pallets turn very hard. what can i do?

  • yxlklc9697

    excellent work



  • fab365

    Unbelievable creativity and unrivaled skills!

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    Thank you.


    Thank you guys! Keep the WWII stuff coming! Would love to see a Panther, SdKfz 234/2 "Puma", SdKfz 231, or how about the Sand Crawler from the Star Wars universe. The new treads you created for the Sturmtiger are awesome, and an enlarged version for a Sand Crawler would be awesome!