Gracias fab365 por estas figuras de Star Wars. Saludos desde Argentina!

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  • lucasmcomerci4490

    Thank you very much. I printed it in white PLA at 0.12 layer height. To paint the camouflage I used acrylic paint with brushes, and foam rubber. I'm not good at painting, I think I got a bit lucky.
    I want to thank you for uploading these models for FREE, otherwise it would be impossible for some of us. 1 dollar = 700 Argentinean pesos
    Sorry for my English, thank you very much again.

  • fab365

    Wow this is one of the best AT-ST walker I have ever seen. How did you add the camo skin to the AT-ST? This is such an awesome print and we thank you so much for sharing it with us. Please share more prints with us.