Yes, you can resin-print these!


I know they're not meant for it, but I decided to try to print these on my resin printer. Hollowed to 0.5mm in Chitubox and dropped them -0.69mm on the Z axis so the bottom didn't print (as otherwise it has a flat bottom instead of an open one). I was able to fit two directly on the plate at 100% on my Saturn 2. Did *not* use any supports. Printed at 0.05mm layer height with Siraya Tech Fast smoky black resin and it took about 4-5 hours. Did not print the included base.

Not sure if I'll just leave them as they are or try to hit them with a *very* light coat of spray paint...

Ghost Resin SLA
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  • fab365

    Your printing showed that the designs of Fab365 can also be printed on a resin 3D printer. Your challenge and experience will be of great help to resin 3D printer users who want to print designs of Fab365.
    Thanks for sharing your print experience and photos!