Printed at 300% at it came out fantastic!


I scaled up the model at 300% (maximum I could go with my Anet A8 without too many cuts) and slightly modified for easier assembly.

I printed it in gray PLA MAX, the original model is for a toy so it’s in fairly large chunks and it is extremely sturdy even at that scale - and comes in at a hefty 10lbs. It’s 29” by 22”, so a bit smaller than the ESB screen prop but in the range.

The model is *excellent*, the details hold up really well at this scale and the parts fit together really solidly.

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Comments 2

  • Bluemeanie

    Simply Awesome!
    How much filament and total print time?

  • fab365

    You've done something that everyone has thought of at least once, but not easily!
    You've done a really great job.
    I admire your printing skills, your will and your hard work.
    We look forward to your amazing print reviews and make in the future.
    Thank you so much~