SpaceX Crew Dragon on the Falcon9


Once I have seen this on social media I had to print it by myself and I can tell it is worth every cent!

This is by far the best model of the Falcon 9 carry the Crew Dragon capsule which took humans into space from US ground after the legendary Space Shuttle program ended.

Printed on the Prusa MK3s and Prusa MINI (in parallel while the MK3s printed all the white parts and the Mini all the black parts).

Print difficulty: very easy and I used stock profiles from Prusa slicer.
Like always made sure the 1st level calibration was perfect on each printer as some parts have a very small connection surface to the print bed.

Paint job done via acrylic paint and glued together with premium model glue.

Thank you for this model!

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  • fab365

    Your prints are so great that they look like CG.
    Thank you so much for sharing your printing experience and photos.
    We look forward to your continued 3D printing activities!