Nicely detailed model.


This is a wonderful model. Dimensionality accurate and highly detailed. I was inspired to try and model one of the F-18E’s used in the filming of The latest Top Gun movie. The stand was one from another model I modified to use here. I have yet to add the rest of the armament, but the model still looks great without it.

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  • Flynny

    looks awesome.

  • drizztguen776088

    That looks fantastic! Where did you get the decals? And what did you use for the stand? Is it possible to get the STL for the stand or to show what you did to make one from another model?



    You will find the stand at the link below. I used the Simple stand and scaled up 25% and cut off the top bit that inserts into the model. I then cut two pieces of a paper clip into lengths about 1/2 inch long, drilled small two holes in the top of the stand just large enough to insert the pieces and super glued in place. This makes a stand with two metal poles. Then drilled similar size holes into the bottom of the model. The model fits on the two metal poles and is quite sturdy. Just make sure the mounting point on the model does not interfere with the center line tank, should you wish to have that installed. I made the decals from the attached image that I just found googling around. You will have to play around with scaling the image of the decals when printing them, but I think I scaled down to 97%. Also you will have to use white decal paper to print the decals for the blue lines and trim really close to the color. If you use clear decal paper, the black background of the model will show through making the blue decal lines, as well as the top gun logo, basically invisible. The others should be printed on transparent decal paper. Hope this all helps.

    Good luck,