Now this is the kind of safe I’ve been looking for!


Fab365's models are known for their precision and this model is no exception. The tolerances are just right for the safe vault door. At 100% there are a lot of small moving parts but I had no problem getting them to move with a little bit of wiggling around. The door snaps on with a great click to the vault and should stay in place without any need for glue. The details are one of my favorite parts. The interior of the vault looks like you're in the depths of a large bank.

This model would make a great carrier of a small present for someone special or it could be scaled up to hold even bigger things. I made a video showing a timelapse of the printing and assembly process here:

I would absolutely recommend this model!

Thanks, FAB365 for another great model!

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  • fab365

    Thank you so much!
    Your video(Time-lapse, building process etc) is always awesome!!!
    Especially your voice is great!