AT-AT Star Wars diorama Easy and Fast


This is my easy and fast build diorama of this great AT-AT Walker from fab365.
The print is very easy and it is available for free ! Thanks guys !
The diorama was made of foam and fake snow leftovers from Christmas.
It was painted using grey spray can paint and then weathering was applied.

Made a How-to video available on my Youtube channel:

Printed on:
Creality Ender 3 using PLA
Settings: 0.4mm noozle, 0.1mm layer height, 90mm/s

#starwars #atat #fab365 #rmcv_channel
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Comments 3

  • blue77128507

    Cool printing~

  • trinitron

    Awesome diorama!!!

  • fab365

    How awesome is that! Congratulations on such a successful result 😍 We watched the video! It hard to believe that the model was indeed 3D printed and the painting job is simply stunning!
    We do hope you've enjoyed working on the awesome starwars AT-AT printing diorama and thank you for sharing and kind words.