StepDad will be over the moon


We made our former NASA and current Space Force step-father the Falcon for Christmas. Thank you for making that a gift that keeps on giving.

I added the Tesla to the voting so we can satisfy my 15-year-old who won't stop asking when we can print a Tesla to launch now that we have the fairing.

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  • fab365

    We can't find words to express our admiration for the amazing story of a space force with fab365 3D models! 👩‍🚀😍😍😍
    This review made our day! We can't believe you're thinking of holding a spaceX fair. It's brilliant!!! We have no doubt that your printing skills are excellent and the fair will be successful.
    We will continue to do our best for great projects like this. Thank you for your opinion on the model. We will take it into consideration for our future models.