Great Jet!


Printed this jet at 0.12mm on BambuLab X1C Combo, using Space grey and black PLAs.
The stand was printed in two colors. The bomb-bay doors wouldn't stay closed shut, so I added couple of neodymium magnets.

f-35 jet plane military pla bambu lab kapikoprinted
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Comments 2

  • qwerty1234order9065

    Photos look fantastic !

    Thanks for the tip about using neodymium magnets. That probably a great idea for any models with closures.

    I new there was a reason why I bought the 100 pack of 1mm x 3mm disk neodymium magnets! 😎

  • fab365

    What an excellent Jet! The space grey and black PLAs makes the jet look more realistic and extra clean. Thank you for sharing your tip on the bomb-bay door, we had few users who have experienced similar trouble. To fix the bomb-bay door, one possible solution is increase the outline overlap% in the slicer setting. For example if the setting is at 30% you may want to increase it to 35-40%. The term differs based on the slicer so these are the similar terms that you can refer to.
    Outline Overlap
    Perimeters Overlap
    Skin Overlap Percentage

    For sharing your fantastic print, we will give you one point to your account. Thank you for sharing, and we hope to see more from you!