First attempt - not dissapointed!

Vincent Chu

I have been a long time follower of FAB365 and admired the foldable designs, but never tried them.
Having just gotten a 3D printer, I finally decided to give it a go.

I have loved the cars, the spaceships, and how it was printed all at once and did not come in a million little pieces that needed glue.

So, "The Android is free, and looked easy to do as a first try", I thought. The price seemed right ;)

I have to say the design is charming, and the ease of assembly, which is: print it (at Fine settings if you can, to allow movement of the snap parts) and then pull out the arms and let them fold down, and then bend the seams and click everything in place.

With this success, I am empowered to spend a few dollars on some interesting designs and very happy with everything.

The designer should be very very proud of the work and effort he puts into his incredibly detailed models!

#Fab365 #Android fun #Flashforge Creator Pro 2 #Foldable
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