The Millennium Falcon, One of my favorites as a kid!

Shin Tiberius

I absolutely love this print! The details are amazing! For the most part, it was a very easy print. I did have some difficulty with the sensor array but adding supports solved the issue. (Bed adhesion). I printed it with some, "Glow-in-the-dark" filament that I forgot I had and it came out great! And assembly was a breeze, this is a very well thought out design! I plan on giving the model a slight black wash to make the details pop out but still allow the glow to show! Now I have to get the stand!

Millennium Falcon Glow in the dark Falcon
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  • fab365

    Thank you for sharing the details with your printing!
    We look forward to seeing pictures of your black washed Millennium Falcon with the display stand! :)