Two Mystery Machines Completed - Best Print To Date


I started this print almost a year ago, but had issues fitting the small pieces together. That was because my printer was not tuned at all. A year later I decided to finish up on the Mystery Machine and I'm so glad I did. After tuning my printer all the small pieces just slid in without any force. I used mostly eSun filament which is why the colours really pop.

A good print tip I found was to follow what is recommended, and use rafts for the smaller pieces. I found printing the roof bars were best without a raft. See what works best for you.

This is my best print to date, I'm thrilled and can't recommend this model enough to anyone!

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  • fab365

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the community, I am sure our users will benefit from your print tip that you have mentioned. This indeed is a fantastic print and the quality of the model is amazing. The eSun filament does give the model a pop and I think it makes the model look even better! We will give you one point to your account for posting your print. We are thrilled to see what other model you can print so please keep sharing with us!