Nice looking safe


A other must-print design, excellent model. Thank you.
Printed on Ender 3 v2 with suggested settings using PLA at 185 degree and bed at 60, 0.2 layer height.
The only thing to pay more attention is on the door, when printing be sure your first layer is on the sweet spot, not too far, not too close.
First attempt printing the door failed as it was too close to bed, so it got a very strong adhesion. Then when trying to remove from glass bed, as it had very strong adhesion and because of the many tiny pieces and gears, some of them broke during removal.
After that i used a not to close bed leveling making it easy to remove.
The door mechanism itself closes very well, but is a little tricky to open as it tends to stuck a little bit because of the tiny parts moving very loose, but with some small back and forth movements finally opens.
A great model, very nice looking and attractive my son asked me to make one for him as well :)
The door mechanism and gears looks awesome!.
Thanks for another great model

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