I am very pleased with the result!


I really liked the results of printing this model. I printed it on a Prusa Mk3S using MatterHacker Build Pla filaments with the default settings in Prusa Slicer for 0.15 mm quality settings and Prusament pla. I found that I needed to use a brim with those settings. I tried it with both with and without a raft and using a brim worked the best. The only other changes that I made for printing was that I printed the barrel horizontally with the build surface. On my printer, it kept getting knocked off when I tried to print the barrel vertically. I also used supports on the build plate only for that part set. This allowed the barrel and the front drive gears to print correctly. This print really help illustrate how important it is to know your printer and to be willing to make changes in order to get a good print.

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  • Greedy fox

    Oh~ This is so good. Love it!


    Thank you!

  • fab365

    You can feel the joy of learning new knowledge and experience about 3D printing and getting good results based on it!
    Your experience will be good information for many people.
    Thank you for printing and posting!