SBD Dauntless - Amazing Design!


The SBD Dauntless was such a fun design to print and build. Printed in Inland PLA, tires printed in TPU. Primed in light flat gray, finished in Navy Dark Sea Blue, and Navy Light blue, bottom painted in RAF light gray. I used a rivet making tool to simulate the countersunk rivets throughout the surface of the aircraft. I decided to cut away the gunner portion of the rear cockpit to add the double .30 caliber machine guns and the gunner. I had some trouble getting the central dive flap to stay fixed so I glued it in the open position. I also decided to drill holes in the air brakes/dive flaps as they appear on the actual aircraft. However I wasn't as sure handed as I wished to be as you can see if you look closely. None the less it gives some added detail. I used pastel powder to add weathering, and I used a silver soft pencil to simulate paint peeling from flight crew climbing and wear and tear. Again, this was such a fun build. I am hoping for an F4U Corsair next!

SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber Battle of Midway WWII Aircraft Carrier Pacific Theater
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  • cubegram

    The surface is not post-processed, so there are a lot of layer traces, but the nice coloring makes it hard to see!
    It's hard to believe that you can paint like this by hand.
    This is great~


    Thanks, I will try to sand more in the future. I am fairly new to printing so I am not very familiar with post printing processes other than sanding. Perhaps you can share some advice on creating a smoother finish, or a link on how to approach this technique. All would be appreciated.



  • fab365

    Wow! You are the expert we are looking for.
    Personalized work with altered details, holes in the air brakes and peeling paint by crew climbing make you highly admired!
    Please keep showing your amazing work, and enjoying 3d printing with us!


    Thank you very much!