Worst Model I've seen yet


This design is terrible. Basically all of the connections are either loose and require glue, or so tight that they break when trying to assemble. Not worth the money in any way. In fact I am requesting my money back. I have found higher quality models on thingiverse. This single model has made me never want to use Fab365 again. I have printed some parts 5-6 times because they break when assembling or can't print with the supports that have been included in the design. I've had more fails on this model than anything else I've ever printed. I'm printing with Prusa Mk3s+ that have absolutely no issue with other prints that I've done to test the quality in between prints. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!

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  • Bluemeanie

    Printed perfectly for me @ 130% (max size without separating the fuselage up on a mk3s)

  • Deleted

  • fab365

    We regret that you may have encountered difficulties printing this design. When we create every design, we run a variety of tests on multiple printers. In addition, we make an effort to reduce the difficulties of our customers by finally making this video. And many people are already satisfied with the successful printing.
    We will try to help you if you ask us with pictures of what parts you had difficulties in printing.
    Thank you for your interest in the design of Fab365.


    And we added new video about print on Prusa i3 MK3s.
    Please check this out.
    Thank you~


    The biggest issues were with the aileron. Even in your new video clearly you have a hard time assembling them as well, your video has multiple cuts in it when you are attempting to insert b and c into a. then inserting a into the mainplane wing is just as difficult and again requires you to cut your video. I had multiple parts fail in printing because they have such a small contact area to the print bed. but no mention of ever needing to use a brim as you have now put in on your video. Then the tips of the wings are not in good shape unless they are supported, which is a support you have not included. This is clearly a very complex design. With some notes and tips for printing, or just put brim on the name of the STL for the parts that need to be more supported on the print bed, your ailerons are not acceptable for a print that I am paying for.


    Just check the flowrate of your filament,I didn't have any problem but only with the ailerons parts....the problem was the flowrate..I change it to 90% and all parts fitted perfectly fine..Some of my filaments needs to drop down the flowrate till 80%,I'm pretty sure your problems comes from using 100% flowrate,every filament is different even from same producer and same colour on 2 different spools,you have to test the flowrate for each spool you buy..I also used Raft with 0.32mm Air Gap for all the parts and all printed fine with no bed adhesion problems.I didn't enabled supports,just printed the parts as they are coming with the included supports by the team Fab365...NOW please somebody delete the disgusting picture of this review..


    I've contacted you several times via your youtube page and email on this very same issue with the ailerons fitting but you have never responded.