Beautiful A-10


I finished printing the plane some days ago so I will upload some pictures...Printed at 0.12mm layer height with the provided Cura profile.The only bits giving me problems were those little pieces from the flaps-you can see them in my pictures near the plane,but I think the main problem was the flowrate of my filament,brought it down to 90% and all good,so I had to print them twice till they fit but no big deal..The rest of the parts printed fine,I had no problems at all,and all fitted together just fine..I also used Raft in Cura settings just to be safe with 0.32mm air gap,the reason also is because I use a powder coated PEI bed and didn't want the sand textured finish on the bottom of the parts..Thank you for this quality A-10 model and hope you will make the Antonov An-225 Mriya in future too.

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  • Intike

    I almost bought it, but it was not 1/72 scale. So its a pass this time.