Good model of one of my favorite spacecraft.


The Lunar Module has long been one of my favorite modeling subjects. This model is generally very accurate so I decided to make a good model even more accurate by painting the thermal covering patterns as they appeared on the lunar module Eagle from Apollo 11. I also added some markings and modified the docking target to more accurately represent the actual item. The end result is a very eye catching display piece.

The photos show the model on the FAB365 display base which has been cut down to a much smaller height, since I chose not to add the contact probes to the footpads.

I really enjoyed printing and detailing the model and highly recommend it to any avid space enthusiast.

I hope to see a model of the Lunar Rover at some point in the future.

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Comments 2

  • fab365

    The metallic filaments, the details and the surface of the landing you have created really brings this model to life! Thank you for sharing your fantastic print with us. We will add 1 point to your account. We can't wait to see what other more awesome prints you have!

  • ck.sauerland

    Great work, well done!