Impressive design but falls short


I was really excited about this design, love HHHTTG. However, even after following their print instructions precisely, it failed near the end on the hands. Rafts do not seem to be enough and it appears you need to provide lots of supports because the arms become loose late in the print. It would be nice if they could provide a version of this that has customized supports for the hands so we do not have to customize it ourselves. I feel having too many supports would decrease the overall print quality, since everything else about this model printed beautifully. I was really disappointed since I’ve had such great success with other amazing designs from Fab365.

In its current form I would not recommend printing this.

Printed on: Prusa MK3S (well tuned)

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  • andrusevich

    I had also a problem like that((((

  • Deleted

  • fab365

    Thank you for purchasing our design.
    The problem you're having is when the robot's arm falls off the bed during printing caused by weak adhesion with bed.
    This problem can be improved by setting the Raft and the object closer, or using Z-hope in the Prusa slicer's Retraction.
    If that also doesn't give you good results, you can print out the arms separately from the Prusa slicer, then insert them.
    I hope the problem is solved.


    I did have the raft settings set very very low, exactly as explained in the description. The adhesion was very good on the bed. Can you provide the arm files separately so that these can be printed?