ECTO1 - Cadillac Meteor

Drake Black

Cadillac Meteor ECTO1 version, created on Bambu P1P, 0.08 layer height, all white color PLA (painted by me) around 200-450mm/s. I think the wheels supposed to move, looks like i did something wrong because TPU wheel touching the body, so its not moving for me. Maybe need more calibration :C

Cadillac Meteor Ecto1 Bambu P1P
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  • fab365

    It was not an easy task, but you did it well.
    If you calibrate, let me know the results too :)

    Thank you for sharing your valuable printing experience and information.

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    Drake Black

    I really, REALLY enjoy printing and assembling, hard part was to paint every part one by one, as i have only white color. In theory "flow" and "pressure advance"are calibrated perfectly, but maybe i have to play with them more, i will ask in group that what test prints i should to. I have P1P for a week, but its a Dream become true for me, and after ender 3 v2... Its just awesome!
    I checked my profile, and looks like i have 1$ (1 point) if thats right. So after every paid, sadly X-Wing was free haha :D I still have Tiger 1 that failed all the time i tryed, wheels always came up, had no adhesion (everything else had) so im literally out of Grey filament now :( My plan now is to ask someone, or maybe YOU to take off the wheels from the main body, and make them printable, 2 piece/wheel and then fit and glue them together :) That would be a big help for me, i dont know what was the problem when i tryed with bambu, maybe the pretty FAAAST speed (even on 50%) but with printing the wheels separated, it would be more easy for me :)
    Thank You for the cool models! Next one will be the S.W.A.T. van maybe, thats what i like. And prepare yourself, you have to make a Supra MK4, thats my dream car so i will make everyone do a vote on that ;)