Good first Tank Print


I should have printed this tank before I printed the Sherman. The print was very straight forward. I printed this on Prusa Mk3's using the default pla profiles at both 0.15 and 0.2 quality layer settings. I also used a brim when I printed the tracks. One thing that I did do differently than the example video is that I print the canon barrel horizontally instead of vertically. This just seems to do better on my printers.
I really like this model series of tanks and hope that more become available in the future. I like the detail. and the assembly is very novel. I have found that my tracks seem to be a little loose in comparison to the assembly video, but I am not to worried about it. Definitely one that I will be printing again!

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  • fab365

    This is a very high level printing. In particular, printing the cannon in a horizontal direction rather than in the direction I was authorized to do so is a cool idea. This is a matter that can be decided by each printer's situation.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful printing and printing experience.