Great model! Very nostalgic for me.


I lived in the London area for several years in the early 60's and I remember very well riding on these Regent buses. I especially enjoyed being able to ride on the upper level in the front seat!

I enjoyed printing and adding the extra detail to this model to match the route 158, on which I used to ride. The route placards are 100% accurate for the route I used to ride, however the ads are pretty generic for the time.

The print was made using red and black PETG filament on a Prusa mini at 75% size. The white demarcation between the levels was printed with white PLA filament and glued in place. I chose to print the demarcation rather than paint because I have problems printing straight lines! The placards and ads are just printed on normal copy paper, laminated with Scotch tape and glued in place with white glue.

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