Challenge But Fun Model to Build


This was my first attempt at printing and building a model like this. There were a few basic challenges I had to overcome but well worth it in the end. There are a couple parts that are very small like the headlights. When I printed them the first time they stuck to the print nozzle and flew off the bed after realizing what happened, I changed a few things in the settings and was able to get a good print. Also I had to find and easy way to glue such tiny parts together. All in all the cooper came out well and I am happy with it.

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  • fab365

    Despite this being the first attempt, the print is fantastic. We are glad to hear that you have overcome the challenges. Thank you for sharing such an excellent print and for sharing this print, we will give you one point to your account. We are excited to see other prints you have so please keep sharing them with us.