Classic Red and White Vespa

This was my first print bought from Fab365 and it was a pleasure to print. Assembly was very easy and great for begginers.
I printed it in a bigger scale which came out to 200mm in total length. This helped me craft the metalic fittings around the body and make it a very demanding build. I changed the spare wheel to a classic leather bag to match the look. Painting was also tricky as many know the paint runs very easily on pla. All paints used are from normal tin acrylic spray paint nothing air brushed.

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Comments 3

  • DistractedGEEK

    Great job!

  • ewanp

    Nice job, love the trimmings!

  • fab365

    Awesome... This one looks so real!
    Your painting skills with metallic textures are amazing too!
    We'll give you points for your wonderful review.
    Please post more designs and good photos you build!