The parts looked great, but my raft was hard to remove


After printing this cute model, intended for my grandson, The parts looked clean and really nice. I must have made a mistake setting the raft for better adhesion to my standard Creality Ender 3 Pro magnetic plate. The raft and model released easily enough, but I had great difficulty separating the raft from the piggy parts. Ultimately, I ended up breaking some of the parts while trying to accomplish that task and I couldn't get the tabs to fit completely into their sockets. I tried glue but since I couldn't get the parts to fit, it was all nto no avail.

I'll have to try this again and make some adjustments to the adhesion and/or raft settings in Cura.

Oh, Well! fourteen hours lost, but experience gained. BTW I'm very new to the hobby, and I have to say that the learning curve has been pretty steep for me. Don't be discourage. If you are retired, like I am, it's all fun! ;-)

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  • fab365

    You've got a wonderful hobby! 😍 We're sorry to hear that the printing didn't go well. It is easy to remove the raft by increasing the raft airgap value in the cura setting. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us at We look forward to your pictures of result.