Such a beautiful model


I have no regrets printing this model, although I made a 100% model, I wanted to go as big as my creality cr-10 would go. So this is my model at 215%, .2mm layer height 10% infil, and took 69 hours and 59 minutes to complete. Planning on printing it again at .12mm layer height. It would be nice if a there would be a BTTF kit to add on to this model!!!

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Comments 3

  • cubegram

    Big size~
    Oh, great job~

  • kimsan230

    Big size print is much better!
    I want to print big too, but I don't know if my printer will last that long.

  • fab365

    OMG!!! 215% scale and 70 hours Printing!!!!
    Great and awesome!!!
    The quality is beyond real!
    You dialed in your 3D printer very well! You are 3D printing expert!!!
    Thank you for your great review!!!