I bought this model months back and never got around to printing it... but then I got a 0.15mm nozzle and decided I'd like a challenge.

I printed the model at 50% scale with 0.05mm layers on an Original Prusa MK3S and the model turned out perfect. The joints all work, the tires spin, but in the effort of putting it together, I broke one side of the undercarriage. This was my fault for printing so small and not the models. :-)

That said, I got it together in the end and the result is amazing.

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  • trinitron

    Whoa! It looks like printing from DLP printer.

  • fab365

    We highly appreciate you sharing many photos of the Foldable Car - DMC! Your work just blew our minds! It's amazing that the details are expressed even though it's small!😍
    Once again, thank you very much for publishing your review and congratulations on such a one-of-a-kind result!