Mechanism Jams up


Mechanism is really well thought up and made. Fascinating to see it work on a single print

Printed the locking mechanism but first printed yieleded a stick gap between the cylinders and walls.
I can turn it all the way but requires some jerk and force to get it to unlock/lock.
Could be my printer

Printer: Ender 3 Pro
Layer Height: 0.18mm
Filament: PLA

I'll try to reprint with 0.15 or other layer height to see if it resolves the jam

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  • fab365

    Guessing from your picture, it seems that strings are generated between the parts. They seem to be interfering with the rotation of the cogs. To solve this problem, it is also a good idea to increase retraction or apply Z-hop in a slicing program.
    Also, if you pour lube or sewing machine oil into the gaps between the parts, the rotation of the gearwheel is very good.
    We will give you 1 point in the hope of better printing next time. Please post more designs and photos you build!


    Thank you for the reply!
    I followed your advice and just sprayed some silicon lubricant on it and the jam went 95% away. I can hardly feel it anymore and it unlocks/locks pretty nicely.

    Thank you again for the awesome work