Looks great on a well tuned 3d printer


I printed these at .12 Layer Height since they are very detailed models. Getting the lasers to fit in the wings can be tough, but a little sandpaper did the trick for me. I printed 4 of the engine A in order to change color on the engine cover for all 4 engines of Poe's Black One X-Wing. Lot of pieces to print and assemble and you must be more careful when assembling it. It is not as easy to put together as the Tie Interceptor. Once you've done a Tie Fighter though, you'll have the experience for this more involved print. It looks beautiful and the wings stay closed or open while on the stand. Being able to articulate the wings is an excellent touch. Being able to print all the markings and insignia as well as the droid adds a lot to your customization options. If you love Star Wars or know someone that does, this is a must have.

One last note. You might want to consider buying the separate X-Wing stand. The stand that comes with this print isn't placed well. The X-Wing will easily fall off the stand if shook just a little bit. The stand needs to be a tad closer to the center of the underbelly and the support piece for the underbelly needs to be longer under the X-Wing for this to really work.

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