Beautiful print, flawed mechanics?


This really is a nice design and printed beautifully - however, I was never able to free the left-side lever/gear assembly on the bottom without breaking the exact same part each time - and believe me, when I got to the 2nd/3rd attempt I was being extremely careful. I used tiny c-clamps and wooden spacers to apply slight pressure and was able to free the main slide, but the opposing levered gears - what a frustrating disaster. I've printed many flexi/gear based designs without issues, but I'm absolutely done with this. It would have been so easy to add a non-mechanical version of the lid in the zip file. It looks just as nice. In the end, that's exactly what I had to do vs. throwing it in the trash. I intentionally snapped and removed all of the mechanical parts and then glued the cross and levers into place - same great look, zero frustration.

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  • fab365

    I am very sad that you failed to print.
    As you already know, many customers have easily succeeded in printing this design.
    You can check from many reviews.
    If you compare your picture with another customer's picture, you can easily see the problem.
    In particular, if you look at the photos in this customer's review, you can see that your first layer is wrong.<;br>
    The bottom of the first layer of your printing shows no gaps between the parts.<br>
    This problem is because the first layer is spread out so the parts stick together. <br>
    This is called the Elephant foot phenomenon.
    Please check this page for this problem and solution.
    In conclusion, your 3D printer nozzle is too close to the bed/plate. To solve this, you can raise the nozzle height or use Raft.
    In order not to break the parts, increase the wall to 3 and increase the Infill to 20% to make it stronger.
    Thank you~