Another Amazing Print


Printed at %140 on my Prusa mk3s. I can't imagine printing this at %100 or smaller as some parts are pretty small even at 140.

That being said, it came together smoothly. I did forget vase mode on the light bars, but I still think she looks great.

The only tip I have is to let glue dry for each step of the roof rack. It's a lot of waiting, but makes things much easier.

Prusa Mk3S.
.2mm "Quality" setting in prusa with 3 shell thickness for delicate parts and 15% adaptive cubic for the two largest parts.


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  • fab365

    Oh, you did a great job on a task that was not going to be easy!

    Thank you for all the amazing print, great photo and even sharing your own tip :)

    Happy 3D printing~