Nice little project!


I did have to add a small brim to the fenders, since there is very low surface area for the print to adhere to the bed and I had one come loose, causing a failed print. Added a brim and it printed fine.

The wheels didn’t print as cleanly as I would have liked due to some stringing, but were otherwise OK.

Nevertheless, build completed and it looks great overall. Like the way parts have been designed with integrated pins and clips to fold and attach together.

Images show model scaled up an extra 20% before printing.

Full video review of build :

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  • fab365

    Thanks for sharing your build experiences, tips, and awesome photos!
    And special thanks for your video.
    We have featured your build video on Fab365 Facebook page, and we expect a lot of views. :)

    We gave you 1 point as thanks for this review.
    Please keep posting more reviews!


    Thanks - although the link you used for your Facebook post doesn't seem to be working..... ;o)