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As always Sang-Kwon Goo never ceases to amaze with his intricate well designed models for 3D print. Love this one. A few comments for potential improvements: (its a great model but wanted to give my feedback, as I have kids who don't know how to be delicate) I printed one at 100% and then another at 140%, second came out better. Wheel carriage falls off too easily, would be nice if the prongs were longer. Wheels do not snap into position very securely especially when flat under car in fly mode. Rear hatch cover is a bit thin and hard to pivot up and down. thanks again! I am a big fan

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  • cubegram
    2019-10-30 16:24:14

    Is this 0.2mm layer thick? 0.1mm layer thickness would have been nice. What is this shiny filament? Could you let me know?

  • wineberry43
    2019-08-12 16:11:27

    Nice modeling and shape! Whenever Goo's products are awesome! :) Your print skill is also good~ I'll print this model!

  • fab365
    2019-08-03 19:57:29

    Wow~ Awesome quality and perfect choice of filament~~~ Silky silver is very suitable for Foldable car DMC Thank you~