Foldable Sea Turtles - PLA

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This is a very fun print to do. I've printed this model 3x and truthfully the first one was the only one that I was able to fold correctly the other two below I ended up having to glue together but don't let that stop you from buying this model. The painted one I printed in transparent pla at 0.2 using Cura as my slicer. Temp was 195' for noz and 60' for bed. The brown one is wood pla with similar settings, sanded and stained with a gel stain. I also tried to put some darkening detail into the shell before the clear coat. Both prints were at 100% size and turned out well despite the folding problems. I kept the wooden turtle for myself and gave my daughter the painted one which she was ecstatic about. I highly recommend to buy and print this model!! Thanks Fab365 :D .pb

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Comments 3

  • kimsan230
    2019-12-28 21:12:18

    Good painting job~

  • cubegram
    2019-10-30 16:15:41

    This turtle will be my next print. Your paint job is good reference for me.

  • fab365
    2019-09-08 18:46:19

    Your paint job is what we imagine. Those textures(small green dots) are really awesome!!! It looks like a live one. Great job! We expect your next paint job~ Thank you~