Point terms and Conditions

1. Types of Points

In order to use "Content", you must pay the usage fee as an electronic means of payment available within "FAB365". Electronic means of payment available in "FAB365" are electronic means of payment ("Points") that are sold for a fee and electronic means of payment ("Bonus Point") for which the period of use is less than "point".

2. Charging Points

① "Member" may acquire "Points" or "Bonus Points" by paying the price set by the "Company". "Company" publishes "point" purchase method, purchase unit, payment method, etc. in "FAB365".

② "Company" may sell "points" or "bonus points" in the following ways, and sales method may be changed or added.

Single item sale: A product paid differently for "points" or "bonus points" depending on the amount paid by "members"

Limited Edition: A product that allows you to purchase "Points" or "Bonus Points" once or a limited number of times to "Members"

Periodic payment products: A "member" agrees to purchase a "point" regularly from the "payment method" selected by the "member" every month, and the "company" regularly agrees with the "member" Items that pay for "points" or "bonus points"

③ When the "Member" purchases the periodic payment products prescribed in Paragraph 2, Item 3 of this Article, the following items shall take precedence.

1. If the "Member" purchases a periodic payment product, the payment for the periodic payment product will automatically be made on the fixed date of each month unless there is no indication of withdrawal that the product will no longer be used.

2. "Company" shall pay "points" and other additional compensation in accordance with the terms displayed / advertised to "member" when "member" decides to purchase a periodic payment product, Unless there is a willingness to withdraw the "Member".

3. "Member" shall notify the third party who provides the settlement service for the "Company" or the periodic payment product if the periodic payment product is no longer used, indicating the discontinuation of the periodic payment product. "Company" shall separately display and inform the business operators who are required to indicate their intention to discontinue use by payment type and method of periodic payment products.

4. A statement of intent to cease use of the previous notice shall not be deemed to be an indication of withdrawal of the purchase of a "point" product to the "Company". The declaration of intention is nothing but the effect of notifying the suspension of the periodic settlement that may occur after the date of declaration, Regarding withdrawal and refund of "points" paid due to periodical settlement, the matters related to the withdrawal of the subscription, refund, etc. will be announced separately by the "Company".

5. Miscellaneous The matters not specified in this section are subject to the other provisions of this Agreement.

④ No interest income will be accrued on "points" or "bonus points" purchased or paid by "members".

⑤ When purchasing "points" or "bonus points", payment can be made by the method provided by "company" out of the following methods.

1. Account Transfer

2. Credit card payment

3. Pay by phone or mobile phone

4. Gift certificate payment

5. Payment by electronic money

6. Other payment methods provided by "Company"

⑥ When purchasing a "point" or "bonus point", if the "member" pays the purchase price of the "point" in foreign currency, the actual amount charged to the "member" The amount that you expect to pay to the "Company".

3. Payment of bonus points, etc.

① Company may pay bonus points, points, coupons, etc. (collectively referred to as "bonus points") free of charge to users by means of events, campaigns and promotions.

② The "bonus points, etc." paid to the "member" free of charge by the "Company" can only be used within the validity period and expire at the expiration of the validity period. There is no refund for "bonus points, etc." that are paid free of charge.

③ "Company" can restrict the use of the "Bonus Points, etc." and the scope of use, and the specific contents will be guided through a separate screen.

④ "Company" may terminate the "Services" such as "Bonus Points". In this case, the provisions of Article 14 Clause 7 shall apply, and "bonus points, etc." which have not been used until the end of the previously announced "Service" will expire.

4. Notes on Points and Bonus Points

① The "points" and "bonus points" provided by the Company can not be exchanged for cash, property or any other economic value other than the use of the "Service" of the Company. "Points", "Bonus Points, etc." can be held and used on an account basis, and even if a user has multiple accounts, it is not possible to link or add "points" or "bonus points" between accounts.

② "Points" and "Bonus Points" are used in the order of "bonus points" paid for free, "bonus points" purchased for a fee, and "points" purchased for a fee. In the case of "bonus points" or "points" of the same type, the expiration date of the validity period will be used from the first "bonus point" or "point".

5. Withdrawal of subscription, etc.

① In the case of withdrawal of "point" purchase, the contents of this subparagraph apply.

"Member" may withdraw the subscription within 7 days from the date of the "Point" purchase contract or the "Point of Purchase" of "Member" under the Purchase Agreement.

"Member" may not withdraw from the "point" against the intention of the "Company" in any of the following cases:

A. "Member" has partially used "Points"

B. In addition, for the safety of transactions,

In the event that it is possible to withdraw the subscription, the "Company" shall, in principle, refund the payment amount by the same means as the means of payment, such as canceling the transaction. However, in case of the transaction can not be canceled or the refund can not be paid with the same means as the means "member" have paid, "Company" can refund it in cash.

The refund of "points" not covered by this section is subject to the provisions of Article 6.

6. Refund of Points

① The validity period of "points" is from the point of purchase of "points" to the point of 5 years after the purchase, and the period of validity of "bonus points" Follow the displayed / notices. "Points" and "Bonus Points" will not be refunded if their validity period is exceeded.

② The "Company" will refund the unused "points" of "points" purchased by "member" before the expiration of the valid period according to the preceding paragraph( include 5. Withdrawal of subscription, etc ), at the time of purchase of the "points". However, the "Company" may set up a separate refund policy in consideration of the discount of the "point" product. The separate refund policy shall be such that the "member" can easily identify the "point" Is displayed.

③ Refund will be refunded after deducting 10% of the refund amount or 1.00 $, whichever is greater ("Refund Fee"). Therefore, refunds are not available if the amount is less than $ 1.00 before deducting the "refund fee".

④ If a member pays a "point" or "bonus point" through an act prohibited by law such as payment information hijacking and requests a refund of "points", the "company" may refuse a refund of "points".

⑤ The Company shall not bear any responsibility for the damage caused by the failure of the Member to enter the refund information in relation to the refund.

⑥ Refunds may be restricted if the contract is terminated due to the reasons of the "member", such as violation of the current statute and the serious terms and conditions.